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Company Profile

Ying Ze Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is a research, production, sales and service in one of the large chemical companies. The company was founded in 1999, is China's first batch of production and sale of automotive paint manufacturers. After nearly 20 years of rapid development, it has become Ying-Ze Chemical specializes in providing automotive coating solutions, value-added services leader.

The company currently has two bases, headquarters - city by Ying-Ze Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is located in the scenic eastern Guangzhou Zengcheng, an area 106000㎡ production base - Anglo-German Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. Ying Ze covers 66666㎡ the total investment of over 200 million yuan, the garden of the plant, advanced production and testing equipment, various senior technical and management personnel, hardware and software conditions Ying Ze chemical Habitat forefront of the industry.

The company's inception, the "technological innovation" as the cornerstone of entrepreneurship. Over the years, the company has domestic and foreign research institutions, well-known foreign companies and paint manufacturers of raw materials suppliers to maintain long-term stable cooperative relations. These companies include BAYER, BASF, DUPONT, NUPLEX, BYK and EVONIK, SATA, DEVILBISSS, MIRKA like. Ying Ze Chemical and BAYER, BASF and other famous international brands have many years of cooperation, our company product is the first curing agent to obtain authorization to use its trademark BASF automotive paint manufacturers. Ying Ze Chemical always maintained sync with the international advanced level of technology and quality.

Over the years, Ying Ze chemical with good brand image, stable product quality, good service system, to attract domestic and foreign customers to join portrait, Ying Ze Chemical Industry in the country has built a sound distribution network, products are exported to Middle East , Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia. Ze Ying's many brands, has become the industry look askance new strength. Duo Beite, Ying long, European blue Ya, Jin Yue, Visa is high Ying Ze brand "Five Tigers will" fight hard in the paint market, creating Ying Ze automotive coatings development cause.

Future Ying Ze chemicals, will continue to work in the field of automobile painting new technologies, new products, environmental products research and development production times, increase the water-based automotive paint technology research and investment, to provide customers with more advanced products more professional service, and strive to build the company into a Ying Ze century enterprise for sustainable development.